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Bonds & Historical Instruments We also trade in historical assets and instruments, which include anything from paper to precious metal items, which have either assigned or unknown values of which are all valuable. bonds Bonds & Historical
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Financial Management We offer a plethora of other financial services through our network of associates, banks, and financial experts. finance Learn More Gold & Diamonds We are involved in every aspect of the gold and diamond trade from the extraction stage where we hold interests in refineries and cutting works all the way through, to our wholesale and retail partners, who sell directly to you. diamond Learn More Building the Future We are literally building the future through our real estate ventures, which comprise of commercial and residential revitalization. develop Learn More Strategic Investing We are always in a perpetual state of investing and reaping the rewards of our forward-thinking experts in their respective fields. strategy Learn More

“Be the change the world needs while reaping the incentives and benefits that come with it.”

Kelvin Badloo

chairman / managing director

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Shefra Limited was founded on the principle of being the “gold standard” in everything it does, which includes how we handle our employees. Shefra, unlike many other corporate behemoths, prioritized the creation of internal systems and expert team members before embarking on new projects. Years of commitment, hard work, concentration and investment went into this process. Shefra was finally ready to launch after years of preparation, testing, and production.


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Strategic Investing

Individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for customers.

Financial Management

We will help you to get the result you dreamed of.

Gold and Diamonds

We create and produce our product design lines.

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